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The Maleny Bridge Club aims to provide a comfortable environment where both members and visitors can enjoy a friendly and relaxed game of bridge.

Bridge is popular in Maleny. Remember, playing bridge is a valuable exercise for the mind. It is easy to learn and keeps you mentally fit. A side benefit is that you meet lots of new friends. Currently more than 110 players each week turn up at the club for a game or tuition.

The club's location may be impossible to find on GPS devices or internet maps. Click here for a map and directions for the route to drive to the club from the Maleny township (Maple Street).

The Club started up in 1994 and operated out of the lower rooms at the RSL up until 2015. We then moved upstairs to the main RSL Hall and enjoyed the extra space and facilities available. The club had been looking to build its own premises since 2005. A sublease over an area of land on the Maleny Precinct was secured in 2017. On the 29th October 2018 the club started operations at the new Clubhouse. The picture shows an early perspective of a new clubhouse drawn by Gordon Conroy in 2012 and featured in the Club's Business Plan.

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